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The Studio

Inside Out Pilates, ltd. is unique, energizing and inspiring yet also peaceful and welcoming.  It has been called a "jewel in the center of Elyria".  People absolutely love our studio and feel the energy immediately upon entering. We have been in our current storefront location since May 2014.  Previously the space was used by Action Wear and our studio was on the 2nd floor inside The Ballroom Dance Place beginning in May of 2012.

We have a broad range of students consisting of both men and women of all ages from children to seniors. The students who attend our studio are welcoming and friendly and do not judge others based on their level of ability or experience.   In pilates, each person is focused on themselves and each has their own physical challenges they are working on. Whether you are an office worker, a new mom, a professional athlete, an attorney, construction worker or retiree, we welcome you and are excited to help you on your pilates journey.  We genuinely care about our students and continually witness transformations in body and mind. 

Our studio offers both private and group sessions.  The group classes consist of pilates mat classes available at various days/times, pilates barre class and a low impact cardio class. Private and dual (2 persons) pilates sessions are available on the equipment or mat and are by appointment early morning to evening.

All classes are open to all levels of experience, however, private sessions are highly recommended prior to starting group mat classes.  A half hour "intro to pilates" private session is the best way to begin.  If you have a particular health concern or a physical handicap, for your safety, please talk with your instructor prior to attending class. 

If you are on Medicare, please note we are an approved location for Silver Sneakers Flex, United Health Care/Renew Active and United Health Care/AARP Medicare Supplement .  All classes are open for all, however, to use Silver Sneakers benefits, the classes covered are the virtual classes on Mondays, Wednesdays & Fridays at 9:00 am and the in studio class at 10:30 am on Fridays.  If you are new to pilates, we ask that you come in for a half hour introduction and/or attend the in studio class a number of times before joining a virtual class.  United Health Care members may use their benefits at any of our classes.

At Inside Out Pilates, ltd., our focus is not only the countless benefits of pilates, but also on safety and proper technique, positive movement experiences and of course fun!  

Other events we have at our studio for those interested are group meditation sessions, various workshops, games, parade participation and even a potluck brunch!

You are Beautiful

Inside & Out

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