Policies & Procedures

At Inside Out Pilates Studio, it is our number one priority to keep the safety and health of our clients and instructors at the forefront of all we do.  Due to COVID - 19, we will be implementing new policies and procedures for the studio that we are asking all clients and instructors to adhere to.  Please carefully review the policies and procedures and contact us with any questions or concerns.

Studio cleaning and instructor procedures:  After each private or group session the instructor will disinfect the studio including equipment, bathroom, door handles, cubbies and any other area clients will be using.  All classes/privates will have a minimum 15 minute time frame in between to allow clients to exit and enter without interaction and to allow extra cleaning time.

Instructors will wear a mask and/or face shield and maintain a 6' distance when possible (exceptions to the 6' distance would be when taking temperatures or handling payments).  Instructors will have no hands on contact with clients except if necessary for safety. No spotting or assisting will be allowed at this time.  If you are taking private sessions, you will be asked to do your own set ups such as spring and footbar changes on the reformers.  If you are not comfortable with this or feel unsafe, please withhold your sessions until a future date.  Please discuss it with us and if you have a package we can extend it.


You have been diagnosed with COVID - 19

You have symptoms of COVID - 19

You have had contact with a person who has or is suspected to have COVID - 19

You are feeling sick or experiencing any of the following symptoms: fever, chills, sore throat, shortness of breath, coughing, new loss of taste or smell

You have traveled to any of the following states within the last 2 weeks:  Alabama, South Dakota, North Dakota, Iowa, Kansas, Nevada

Please wait a minimum of 2 weeks if you have been exposed, 30 days if tested positive, and 72 hours of being symptom free

Classes:  In-studio mat classes are limited to 7 students per class.  The barre and low impact cardio classes are unavailable at this time.  Virtual classes and privates will continue to be an option.  All classes are 50 minutes to allow cleaning and preparation time for the instructors.

SilverSneakers/Renew Active:  SilverSneakers will cover the in-studio classes on Fridays at 10:30.  The virtual classes that are covered are Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 9:00 a.m.  Renew Active will cover all of the classes, both virtual and in studio.  Please know you must schedule online for in-studio classes.  Select "Pilates Mat Class" or "Virtual Pilates Mat Class" when scheduling.  Please read the cancellation policy below.  


Scheduling:  In-studio classes are limited in size and must be scheduled in advance. Should the class be full, you may request to be put on a waiting list.  In-studio classes must be scheduled through the website as this will keep track of the number of students scheduled, how many slots are left and allow you to be put on the waiting list.  You can also request a reminder text be sent the day before. For in-studio group classes, we cannot allow "standing" scheduling  at this time.  In other words, we cannot hold your place every Monday and Friday for the next 6 months... The soonest you can schedule a class is 7 days before the class and the latest is 2 hours before the class.  Virtual classes can continue to be scheduled either online or by email/text/call because there is not a limit of students.


Cancellations:  If you need to cancel a scheduled class, please do so as soon as possible to allow others to join.  If less than a 12 hour notice or a no show, you will be charged for the class. If you do not have a group pass, you will have to pay for the missed class before you can reschedule.  This includes all students, even those whose classes are normally covered by SilverSneakers or RenewActive.  We understand and sympathize that emergencies and illness can happen, and certainly you are not permitted to come if feeling ill however, there will be no exceptions.  We must adhere to this for fairness to others and to allow our business to continue to operate with limited students.  


Class Passes:  If you had an existing class pass prior to our closing on March 16, your remaining classes are reset to our reopening date of July 13.  This means they do not expire until 3 months from that date if you do not come in or 3 months after your last class, whichever is later.  If you need an extension because of Covid-19 illness or exposure, safety concerns, or booking difficulties, please discuss it with us.  Class passes are available for both in studio and virtual, please note there are different rates.  We will not be using the class pass cards.  Please keep track of your used/remaining classes or if you pay and schedule online, the system will keep track for you.  Blank cards are available upon request.

General Safety Procedures:  Keep 6' distance between you and others at all times.  Use hand sanitizer both when entering and exiting.  Please do your best to keep your hands away from your face at all times.  Read below regarding face masks.

Masks:  Face masks are mandatory when entering/exiting and in all common areas.  Masks are optional when class begins.  If you plan to remove your mask, please bring a baggie to place it in during exercise.  If you have a condition in which you cannot wear a mask, please let us know.  Disposable masks are available for purchase at $2 each.  Reusable, washable masks with filter pocket are available at $7 each. 

Socks:  While not mandatory, grip socks are highly encouraged.  Regular socks are not permitted in the studio as they can be slippery.  We have a large variety of good quality grip socks available for purchase.

Belongings/dressing rooms/water:  Please come dressed for class bringing only minimal essentials into the studio.  Dressing rooms will be closed and we ask you do not change in the restroom.  Although the water dispenser is available if necessary, we ask that your bring your own water bottle to reduce handling with the dispenser.  No open drink containers please.


Entering Studio:  Please wait in your cars or outside keeping a 6' social distance before entering the studio.  The front door will be unlocked approximately 10 minutes before the class or session is to start.  Only one student in the lobby at a time.  Please use the hand sanitizer by the front door immediately upon entering.  Your temperature will be taken with a touchless thermometer and you will have a health screening.  Please quickly remove shoes, place down essentials in the separated cubbies and go to your mat immediately so the next person can enter.  All the lobby furniture except for one chair has been removed. 

Mats/Props:  A cleaned, reserved mat will be placed out for you and any props that will be used.  Mats will be placed within measured taped areas.  Do NOT move your mat or reposition it.  If you bring your own mat, please notify instructor to remove one of the already positioned mats and place your mat in the marked area.  If you need to change props (such as a heavier/lighter weight) please ask the instructor.  When class is over, leave the studio mat and props in place. 

Leaving Studio:  Equipment, mats and props will be cleaned by the instructor.  Please leave studio one at a time immediately after your session. Use the hand sanitizer by the front door before exiting.