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Whether you are sedentary and rarely exercise or you are a hardcore athlete in top shape, Pilates will change your body and improve the movements you perform on a daily basis, whether functional or athletic.

Pilates teaches the body to move in a way that is natural, efficient and pain free. It strengthens and tones muscles, improves posture, and provides flexibility and balance.

Regardless of your fitness level, Pilates is for you!


Experience Pilates at our Elyria, Ohio studio! 
  • trained certified instructors
  • no membership required
  • all skill levels welcomed from beginning to advanced
  • private equipment or mat sessions
  • duet sessions
  • pilates group mat classes
  • Silver Sneakers Flex approved classes
  • package discounts available
  • regular classes available days, evenings, weekends

Class Schedule and Rates


See our class schedule for Silver Sneaker Flex approved pilates classes.  For Silver Sneaker membership information please visit or call (866)584-7389


  Group meditation sessions by Serene Intentions are available after some mat classes as an add-on benefit.  Please click here for the current meditation schedule.



For more information, please contact us at:

phone:   (440)420-1825
email:      pilates

"This was my first experience with Pilates and if this experience is typical, I LOVE Pilates!  Christina is a great teacher, and mixes it up with each class so it is never boring.  It is challenging, but ... not overwhelming.  Always a great workout.  Thanks Christina!"  Kathy D.



The growing desire for mind and body fitness has created a demand for effective full-body workouts such as Pilates -- one of today's most popular exercise.